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Public or Private Doxxing 
Completed Within 3 Working Days
12 Month Certificate

Best Value




Public or Private Doxxing 
Completed Within 24 Hours
12 Month Certificate

Fastest Service




For projects with multiple developers. Doxxing all devs for maximum project inspiration.

Bespoke Service 

The Doxxing Process

Stage 1


Select the doxxing service that works for you & submit an application form.

Complete your identity information & transfer selected service fee (in BNB). 

Stage 2

KYC Verification

Verification of your submitted information using our rigorous vetting process followed by an online interview.

Your application & supporting documents are submitted to panel for final review and judgement.

Stage 3


Successful applicants only. 

Private or public secure doxxing.

Individual 12 month certificate & QR code awarded. 

Stage 4

Annual Renewal

Dev doxxer certificates expire after 12 months.

KYC verification is repeated annually to ensure all doxxed information is relevant and correct.

This ensures the most secure & confidence inspiring doxx.

Our Mission

At Dev Doxxer we verify & certify crypto developers, giving project communities & investors comfort that devs are who they say they are.

Our values of honesty, integrity and transparency will give you the seal of approval you need to lead your community to success.


We are a UK company serving all project personnel across a diverse range of projects including; utilities, NFTs and tokens. Following all applicable UK regulations you can be assured of a world class service with a quick turnaround. 


Our Process

  • Application submission - Application form below

  • Secure documentation & evidence acquisition - Question Sheet, ID & document submission. 

  • Validation process - validation assessment using submitted information & background check. 

  • Interview - 20-30 minute online (zoom/teams/skype) or face to face interview. Personal & project questions.  

  • Panel Review - Application submission to panel (Dev Doxxer Team)

  • Secure Doxxing - Public or private secure doxxing (as per dev request)

  • Certification - Certificate & seal of approval unique to each successful applicant.


Service Options

1. Publicly Doxxed - We display your identity & details of your name, location (country and state/region) and project affiliation on our dedicated web page with project links & details. 

2. Privately Doxxed - We privately secure & hold your details, our seal of approval & certification badge upon successfully doxxing will verify you. 

How It Works

Stage 1 

  1. Select the doxxing service that works for you

  2. Start your application (application form)

  3. Complete & submit your identity information form

  4. Transfer selected service fee (in BNB) 

Stage 2 

  1. Our rigorous vetting process begins

  2. Video interview conducted

  3. Application submission to panel

Stage 3

(Successful Applicants Only)

  1. Secure Public or Private Doxxing (as requested)

  2. Certification 

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